Ecommerce Success Blueprint: The Definitive Guide to Ecommerce Success
About the Book

If you have ever wanted to run a more profitable, more sustainable ecommerce business but wished you had a step-by-step plan laid out in front of you to follow then this book is a must for you.

Revealed is the proven 6 step process that many companies have used to build multi-million dollar ecommerce empires.

About the Author

Eric Leuenberger is a recognized industry expert known for improving online conversion of ecommerce stores and managing paid search traffic campaigns that generate qualified, targeted traffic delivering positive ROI's.

His writings, resources and teachings can be found widely across the Internet and he has been quoted and interviewed by popular industry publications and websites around the world.

He has been developing internet businesses since 1995 and in 2004 began helping small to mid-sized ecommerce store owners build successful ecommerce businesses using his now proven six step process.

When he is not helping store owners generate more sales from their website he spends his time contributing to various magazines and online publications, writing in his popular Ecommerce Optimization blog, and developing products that help small to mid-size ecommerce stores leverage the power of the Internet.

He is developer of the exclusive Goal Get ItTM ecommerce planning software and online ecommerce coaching system called Ecommerce Amplifier.

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